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Project Name Job Type Bids Status Start Date
Email Copy Sequence Review Sales, Marketing 0 Open 9/23/2015at 19:53 (CST)
Copywriter Marketing, Web site, Newsletter, Proof reading 2 Open 5/10/2013at 20:50 (CST)
New Brochure (Tri-Fold) Brochure 2 Open 4/5/2013at 7:05 (CST)
Update Our Website Web site 2 Open 4/5/2013at 6:51 (CST)
Advertising Copywriter (Email) Marketing, Creative 2 Open 11/15/2012at 23:03 (CST)
Resume/Business Biography Urgent! Resume 0 Open 9/16/2012at 22:53 (CST)
Creative texts for the mobile Applications, Creative 1 Open 2/15/2012at 12:55 (CST)
OLN brochure Marketing, Brochure, Creative 2 Open 1/19/2012at 18:06 (CST)
Mesothelioma description Web site 0 Open 12/10/2011at 12:50 (CST)
Copywriting for 49 websites Featured Project! Sales, Marketing, Web site, Business 3 Open 12/8/2011at 19:22 (CST)
Long Time Content Writer Urgent! Marketing, Blog, Web site, Business 2 Open 11/14/2011at 19:28 (CST)
ELS Flyer1 Sales, Brochure 1 Open 10/12/2011at 18:36 (CST)
copy for website Sales, Marketing, Web site, Business 3 Open 10/3/2011at 16:56 (CST)
US Personal Statement Writer Academic, Creative 1 Open 9/23/2011at 13:38 (CST)
Business Proposal Business plan, Creative 1 Open 8/10/2011at 17:07 (CST)
SEO Articles Sales, Marketing, News/reporting, Reviews 2 Open 6/17/2011at 15:32 (CST)
Technology Sales, Web site, Brochure 0 Open 6/13/2011at 16:38 (CST)
Create a script for an Ad Marketing, Web site, Creative, Editing 2 Open 5/15/2011at 13:04 (CST)
Sales letter Writer/edit req. Sales, Web site, Business, Editing 4 Open 5/11/2011at 18:42 (CST)
Texts for sales website Sales, Marketing, Web site 3 Open 4/17/2011at 12:30 (CST)
Long direct sales copy for web Sales, Marketing 7 Open 4/6/2011at 22:41 (CST)
Mattoni Website Web site 3 Open 3/14/2011at 18:10 (CST)
Professional copywriter Urgent! Marketing, Web site, Manuals 2 Open 3/9/2011at 7:50 (CST)
Inspirational posts needed Blog, Web site, Creative 1 Open 2/15/2011at 11:42 (CST)
Vault.Eternos Urgent! Web site 2 Open 2/7/2011at 14:53 (CST)
Media Kit Marketing, Magazine 2 Open 2/5/2011at 22:31 (CST)
COUPLES GAME-CREATIVE WRITING Sales, Marketing, Web site, Creative 4 Open 2/5/2011at 18:33 (CST)
Business Website NBB Sales, Marketing, Web site, Business 2 Open 1/19/2011at 1:55 (CST)
Content Copy Writer Legal, Web site, Editing, Proof reading 4 Open 1/18/2011at 22:11 (CST)
Need good content writer Creative, Editing, Reviews 0 Open 12/24/2010at 17:16 (CST)
Successfully Agile Featured Project! Marketing, Blog, Newsletter, News/reporting 0 Open 12/2/2010at 21:56 (CST)
Short Website Homepage Copy Web site, Creative 4 Open 12/1/2010at 19:28 (CST)
TelMap Direct Mail Marketing, Web site, Brochure, Creative 2 Open 11/12/2010at 15:14 (CST)
Kindel Review Sales, Marketing, Reviews 0 Open 10/28/2010at 18:55 (CST)
Rewards Media Marketing 1 Open 10/11/2010at 7:56 (CST)
one-site-sales-page Sales, Marketing, Web site 2 Open 10/5/2010at 8:47 (CST)
Website Editing & Improvement Sales, Marketing, Web site, Editing 3 Open 9/30/2010at 21:01 (CST)
Game Descriptions Featured Project! Web site, Reviews 1 Open 9/28/2010at 13:02 (CST)
True Built Home LN Ad 2010 14 Featured Project! Sales, Marketing, Web site, Magazine 1 Open 9/20/2010at 23:30 (CST)
Website content text makeover Marketing, Web site, Creative 5 Open 8/26/2010at 7:11 (CST)
Development of 3 commercials Marketing, Creative 3 Open 8/25/2010at 13:00 (CST)
Home Inspection Guide Business 2 Open 8/23/2010at 19:35 (CST)
Dental Drip Campaigns Sales, Marketing, Blog, Web site 2 Open 8/23/2010at 16:24 (CST)
Sales Letter that is killer Urgent! Sales 4 Open 8/6/2010at 8:09 (CST)
Three Minute Script Review Marketing 5 Open 7/18/2010at 20:51 (CST)
New Horizons Legal, Marketing, Editing, Proof reading 1 Open 6/15/2010at 22:05 (CST)
Niche magazine articles Marketing, Magazine 3 Open 4/14/2010at 21:51 (CST)
Story for the promotonial blog Blog, Creative 1 Open 4/12/2010at 7:46 (CST)
48 projects found.

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